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The resources below are designed to help you write a new story! It all starts with creating your vision, goals and managing thought patterns, sabotage and triggers.

Big Voices - The Book

Write a new story and live an extraordinary life.

Why do so many of us allow ourselves to settle for mediocrity and suffering when greatness and joy are within our grasp?

It may be because we’ve allowed our “little voices,” the ones we’ve heard since childhood, the ones who say we’re not smart enough, pretty enough, good enough, to lead our actions and temper our desires. Kelly Resendez, in her new book Big Voices, is determined to change all that. She believes that life begins when you wake up and realize you can write a new story. You will learn self-love and forgiveness. You will learn new strategies to combat over thinking and self-sabotage. You will learn to be decisive and clear about what you want. You will create your life vision, goals and plan. You will learn how to let go of regret, shame and guilt so that your past stays where it belongs. You will learn how to let go of anxiety and how to remain present while creating the life you want. You will learn how to find gratitude and peace no matter what your circumstances.

Kelly’s uplifting message focuses on identifying and removing the barriers to self-actualization. She’s spent years working on her own Big Voice through self-analysis and self-development, learning from the masters. Now she shares that knowledge with you. By asking the right questions she helps you to probe the depths of your heart and take stock of who you really are. Her ultimate goal, through vivid examples, concrete frameworks, and practical strategies, is to minimize your Little Voice to allow your Big Voice – your authentic voice – to shine through.

As you discover your Big Voice you’ll be able to apply your vision, talents, creativity, and energy to not only change your life, but the lives of those around you.


The Essential Toolkit


This toolkit combines each of the resources below into one place.

Vision/Purpose Statement Worksheet


Before you can fully recognize your Big Voice it’s important to discover what you really want. What is it that would truly make you happy? What is it that would allow you to live an extraordinary life? Learn more...

My Priorities Worksheet


To to ensure you are living an extraordinary life and spending your time in alignment with your priorities, use this worksheet as a reminder daily. You will need to schedule quality time with family or solitude to ensure that your top priorities aren’t forgotten. As you create your goals, this will help you determine how much time you have to dedicate to each area.

Goals and Action Steps Worksheet


When you write out your goals, you’re creating an external representation of your internal desires and reinforcing their value. Learn more...

Annual Growth Plan Worksheet


When you create the life you want to live versus letting life run you, you have so much more power in controlling your joy. Use this tool to grow in the areas important to you.

Sabotage Worksheet

PDF (2 pages)

Sabotage is where most of us get stuck. It is the gap between intention and action. For example, most of us make New Year’s resolutions with every intention of keeping them. But less than 78% of us actually follow through with the action necessary to realize our intention. The gap is the “why” we don’t do the things we know we should. Learn more...

Trigger Management Worksheet


I think we can all agree that life is fraught with challenges. There are people who will refer to these challenges as problems but I prefer to think of them as opportunities for personal growth and development. Some of my biggest “problems” have led to some of my greatest joys. All of these challenges are in one way or another related to a “trigger.” Learn more...

Thought Management Strategy Worksheet

PDF (2 pages)

Much of our suffering is created by our thoughts about a situation rather than the actual situation. We can have a hard time seeing that we are creating a lot of our own suffering. As women we tend to over-think which can lead to sleepless nights and anxiety. So if you are struggling with something, is it possible to think less? Learn more...

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