Do You Feel Unworthy and Just Don’t Know It?

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Do You Feel Unworthy and Just Don’t Know It?

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Even if you are in a relationship or have family and friends that love you, or a thriving career or prosperity, it is possible you may have a deep sense of unworthiness? This will show up if you are striving too hard to make others happy or are constantly insecure about how they feel. This can be the case if you are also struggling with some imposter syndrome. You won’t have inner peace or contentment and will be constantly worried about those you love or losing any success you have created.

Unworthiness can show up if you have an inner child that felt judged or was constantly seeking significance. We were all born worthy, so something got in the way of it along your journey. This pattern will continue to play out in all your relationships and throughout your life until you find it fully. Your value will be dependent on you doing things or how others feel about you rather than just for who you are. If you take a look at your childhood you might find you were trying to make your parents, siblings or peers like and love you. You didn’t believe just being you was enough being exactly who you were faults and all. You felt you needed to achieve or be perfect to feel enough. Your parents may have been judgmental of others, so you felt they were doing the same to you.

The way to overcome any feelings of unworthiness is to first recognize it. Own where you are and make a commitment that you will take back your worth and feel enough! I recommend using a guided meditation or hypnosis to take you back to a time that you felt or heard something that may have started all this. This will help you isolate beliefs that got mis-wired. As I did this I found that I had some unworthiness buried in there that manifested in my relationships. Although I grew up in a loving home, my dad had limited energy when he got home from work. Every night as a child he would read the newspaper and any shot at getting his attention was met with rejection. He also got frustrated easily if mistakes were made, so I witnessed him yelling or cursing at others. I made every attempt to be perfect as a result, not realizing his frustration was just a learned behavior and it had zero effect on his relationships. The last aspect of his effect on my worthiness was his focus on physical appearance. He was constantly pointing out attractive women to us. I realize now it’s just some weird habit and he never meant any disrespect to his marriage. As I have done my own healing work, I didn’t realize that I had created a worthiness formula that included never wanting to feel rejected, always wanting to be perfect, and needing to feel beautiful all of the time. This formula ruled my life until recently when I really went through and cleared and transmuted all these beliefs that didn’t serve me. It was fascinating to see how they played out in my life and kept me from rising into my highest self. I used to not share any negative feelings because I thought I needed to be perfect. I used to feel rejected anytime someone didn’t prioritize me. I used to think it mattered what I looked like, which I found I projected heavily onto others. I am so blessed that I did this deeper work and now can see my thoughts of unworthiness show up. I just witness them now and release them without allowing them to impact me.

If you can relate to feelings of not enough, is it your time to shift this? I imagine a world in which we all rise up together and with our new found worth and start connecting on a deeper level. Your potential and purpose are just waiting for you to create a new formula where nothing externally can impact you and you feel so much love for yourself. I invite you to create a plan today to find your worth and gain back any wasted energy believing you have not been enough!

Kelly Resendez
Kelly Resendez
EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Loanpal Founder/Speaker/Writer at FTSS and Big Voices

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