How Can You Be More Open-Hearted?

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August 15, 2018
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How Can You Be More Open-Hearted?

What does keeping your heart open mean? The dictionary describes it as expressing or displaying one’s warm and kindly feelings without concealment. This is not exclusive to people you know and love but also impacts complete strangers as well. If we look around, we will see that we would not describe most people we encounter as open-hearted. So many people walk with their head down and don’t engage in anyway. You may even be that way yourself.

Let’s be honest…a lot of us have gotten where we are in life because of our drive and determination, not because our hearts were open and leading us. I absolutely didn’t even think about my heart’s deepest desires until I was faced with situations that forced me to. Like everyone else, I created preferences or goals based on what I thought would make me happy and successful. Once I achieved them and felt unfulfilled, I knew I had it all wrong. I have absolutely found the key to sustainable joy is to allow my heart to lead where love and contribution are my deepest desires, both personally and professionally. It still takes work for me and I have to check myself often. Am I smiling at strangers? Am I secretly judging my kid’s decisions? Am I doing my best to spread joy and help others? Here are some tips that worked for me….

  1. Set the intention every morning to open your heart. When our hearts are open, you experience things differently. Smile more, keep your head up, talk to a stranger. Just see your goal as trying to spread more love. Be present and actively listen during conversations. Do less and feel more. Appreciate the stillness or silence throughout your day.
  2. Identify heart blocks: This may take work. Many of us are disconnected from our heart’s deepest desires. Hire a coach (Allana) or take time to really see what pain or fears may be in your way. For me, my fear of rejection or not being seen stopped me from being openhearted. My mind wanted me safe so I chose people who couldn’t hurt me. I am committed now to pushing past this and allowing my discomfort to be my guide in opening my heart more.
  3. Practice gentleness with the intention of spreading love. Show people closest to you more love. If it doesn’t come naturally, add it to your calendar. Habits can be formed by doing things regularly.
  4. Spend more time out of your head. Whether it’s meditation, doing something adventurous where you don’t have time to think, give the machine a break. It will take over and cause you to overthink openheartedness. You don’t feel with your mind and your blocks will create even more stories about how you can’t feel or you will get hurt or rejected.
  5. Make this about giving, not receiving. We often measure reciprocity and end up disappointed. Being openhearted is about pouring out love, joy and support to others, knowing they may never give you anything in return. You must trust God and the universe will ensure you have plenty of love coming back to you.

When we lead with an open heart, we create more possibilities in our life. We can still have boundaries to keep toxic or energy suckers at a distance, but we don’t carry anger in our hearts for those people. We will change the world by deepening connections with people and potentially causing them to open their hearts, too!

Kelly Resendez
Kelly Resendez
EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Loanpal Founder/Speaker/Writer at FTSS and Big Voices

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