Kelly Resendez on the Millionaire Mindcast podcast!

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March 18, 2020
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Kelly Resendez on the Millionaire Mindcast podcast!

Getting Into Flow State And Arming Yourself For Long Term Wealth Building And Success

I recently appeared as a guest on the popular national podcast, Millionaire Mindcast with host Matt Aitchison.

You can listen to the podcast here or click on the image below.

From the Millionaire Mindcast podcast description:

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, our guest is a superwoman, Kelly Resendez who shares knowledge and tips on how to balance all areas of your life, the formula of energy management, how to stay focus when you’re off track, some parenting advice and objectives, why should men uplift women empowerment, and how to open up the flow of opportunity!

Kelly is an EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development, a Loanpal, a Founder, Speaker at her two companies Big Voices Rise and FTSS, where she also offers training and coaching and to help struggling salespeople and leaders that wanted not only to increase their success but also have balance and fun doing it. Kelly is the author of the best-selling book Big Voices and Foundation to Sustainable Success. She uses the concepts of mindfulness, self-discovery and goal setting to help their team achieve the company’s objectives and runs its Women’s Mentoring Program.

Kelly is very fortunate to have badass parents who are both entrepreneurs and real estate investors. At an early age, she got into the mortgage industry, became a top 1% loan officer but wasn’t connected to the work on the deeper level. Kelly was losing all her energy as she was working all day & serving the real estate community. Those were the commission days and ‘Achiever Space’ which her fuel is an achievement, crushing anyone’s standards but miserable inside.

But then ever since, Kelly had this calling to make a massive impact in the world. Until in 2011, she decided to take a leap and go into more executive leadership to have the capacity to make a change in an organization. She applied the things she learned in personal growth and development, from the ‘achiever space’ to the mortgage industry. As a loan officer, she mastered the fear of rejection. Create a vision for the life she wants to feel, create and maintain the right mindset, take action and manage her energy around it.

On the other side, Kelly makes a point to be a little bit aware of what’s going on in your world. Know your priorities first and build your life around that. Figure out what your formula is and own it because you did it and it didn’t come in naturally. In addition, surrender and just acknowledge good and focus on it consistently. Choose not to focus on negative things. Instead of beating yourself for getting off track, don’t pay attention to it but find ways on how to combat it to make a positive world, learn and grow from it, and plan what you are going to do next. In short, pull opportunities of growth out of failures.

Also, Kelly believed that we need men and women to work together to give huge impact in the world. Currently, she is a catalyst for changing a lot of mindsets and working out to co-create this new level of joy, success, prosperity, and abundance.

Lastly, Kelly describes how the GoBundance community and other tribes have helped her to stay focused on her goals, have the right mindset, create the strategies and tools that she shares and make a huge impact on the world.

Seek out tribes according to your vision and what you want to feel!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How do you balance being a Mom and this Powerhouse Woman in business and in building what you’re building right now? (00:38)
  • Where did your entrepreneurial journey start? (01:39)
  • Why in the mortgage? (02:33)
  • What was your approach going into this space of “my destiny is in my hands” that so many people fearful of? (04:54)
  • In your first couple of hurdles, what did your routine look like overcoming it? (07:26)
  • What’s been your formula for your energy management? (12:36)
  • How you’ve been able to stay in flow as long as you can & how do you know when you’re inflow or outflow?  (21:26)
  • Can you be massively successful & also well balanced? (23:59)
  • How have you been so well at creating boundaries despite being a superwoman in all areas of your life? (27:32)
  • What are some of the things that bring you the most joy right now? (31:08)
  • Was it anything not worthy that you guys are paying attention to? (33:55)
  • What is your message right now to young girls? (34:18)
  • Tell me what feminine energy means to you. (35:21)
  • What do you say to guys that think they’re better than you? (39:22)
  • How have you found those tribes you’re into and maximize and optimize every opportunity you have in those environments? (42:47)
  • Talk about GoBundance and FemWomen community. (48:41)
  • What is World Positive in your definition? How can people learn more about it? (57:18)
  • If you get to the end of your road and you’re looking at the rearview mirror of life, what would be the things that you considered made you successful in your journey? (58:39)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to master the fear of rejection. (05:37)
  • Things that part of Kelly’s formula and framework (08:51)
  •  Kelly’s morning ritual. (16:12)
  • Matty’s 10 important things in life. (18:24)
  • What is being in Flow State. (19:16)
  • Kelly’s number one rule in life. (29:07)
  • The beliefs that save Kelly miraculously in raising kids. (29:23)
  • Conscious Collective. (32:09)
  • World Negative versus World Positive. (37:52)
  •  Why believing that you’re better than anyone is going to destroy you eventually. (40:47)
  •  One of Kelly’s Parenting Objectives. (46:30)
  • Incoming GoBundance Women events. (48:54)
  • How to open up that flow of opportunity. (52:16)


  •  “If the greatest fear or barrier to success in this industry is the fear of rejection, then I’m going to master the fear of rejection.”
  •  “I create a vision for how I want to feel my life.”
  •  “As you’re attracting new experiences, you’re going to attract more fears, you’re going to attract all of these amazing things.”
  •  “Our energy is such a tool in understanding where we are really supposed to be.”
  •   “Your energy is your power plan you created.”
  •  “The things that we do tell ourselves become reality.”
  •   “There is a gear that we all have access to that is right behind hard work, that’s right behind achievement.”
  •  “Flow can last for as long as you choose for it too.”
  • “We are the creators of our reality.”
  • “That belief that you’re better than anyone is going to destroy you eventually.”
  •  “We are so different.”
  •  “When we get into something, we go all in.”
  •  “In order to get the most out of it, you have to start with that vision again.”
  •  “Great people want to help great people.”
  •  “It all boils down to love.”

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Kelly Resendez
Kelly Resendez
EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Loanpal Founder/Speaker/Writer at FTSS and Big Voices

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