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As women we suffer from not loving ourselves enough. We can see this in how we treat our bodies and how we allow other people to steal our joy. Loving ourselves doesn’t come naturally. It is something we must prioritize and learn how to better.

We all want to know if we are worthy of love. Whether our family, a relationship, shame or something happened that created doubt, many of us struggle to feel fully loveable. Because of this void we either give too much of ourselves away or we close off completely. If you are seeking external love, gratitude or acceptance that is a hint you are not filled with self-love and worthiness.

Write a New Story

If you identify with not loving yourself enough you can write a new story. Just like a new relationship you must put in effort and time. You can fall in love with yourself and make it an epic love story. Start by making a decision and commitment. Then search deep for how you want to be loved. You can make a list of all the things you’ve loved doing or have loved that others have done for you. It might include traveling, getting a massage, taking a candlelit bath or reading. Then plan how to use those things to strengthen your love of self.

Your plan must include eating healthy and taking care of your body. It doesn’t matter what we look like, it matters how much energy we create. When you are physically healthy cultivating energy is easy to do. You will have more energy as you put yourself first. Most women empty their cup taking care of others but you need a cup that is overfilling so that it spills over into helping others. You don’t have to be worn out and sacrificial. You can set aside time for yourself so you are stronger and feel more worthy of whatever blessings come.

You Are Enough

For many women who have been abandoned or made to feel like they would never be enough this might be a deeper healing journey. The most important thing to learn is that most of us have varying degrees of these same feelings. All you need to do right now is decide not to live another day neglecting your Big Voice, your highest self, that knows what a unique masterpiece you are.

The reason you might feel sad, unworthy or shameful is because you never gave yourself permission to love yourself fully. God didn’t ask us to sacrifice ourselves, hopes or dreams for anyone. He created us with a deep purpose and the only way to find it is to love ourselves fully. You have to trust your partner, kids, family or job will be better off with the highest version of you. He will guide you if you allow Him in. You are so powerful and worthy. Start falling in love with yourself now.

Kelly Resendez
Kelly Resendez
EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Loanpal Founder/Speaker/Writer at FTSS and Big Voices

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