Welcome to Big Voices!

Remaining at Peace while Suffering
September 6, 2017
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Welcome to Big Voices!

Big Voices is a new movement that encourages women to find more joy, reduce self-suffering, and rise up to help others more. Big Voices will provide you the tools, stories and wisdom that will help you live an extraordinary life and reduce stress, shame, guilt, anxiety or fear. We will help you find your Big Voice and teach you how to think differently and quiet your Little Voice or ego. We will show you how becoming more mindful is the key to finding your authentic self and experiencing more love. We all can write a new story and start over at any time if we are willing to do the work and wake up. We live in a very self-absorbed era where our priorities have gotten out of alignment and women are more burned out than ever before. Too many women are creating their own suffering because they don’t have the right mindset or beliefs that they have the power to change things. Life is too short to live this way anymore. We can no longer be passive and wait for tomorrow to start making a difference. If you feel like you are overwhelmed, confused, or don’t really know who you are or what you want, we invite you on this journey with us. If you feel like you are living your purpose and are fully conscious, we need your contribution and stories as well to help other women that are still working to find their authentic self. We all must work together and collaborate on how we can rise and make a bigger difference in the world.

Although my journey to find my Big Voice was worth every struggle, hard decision, and tear, it was not easy. I had to cut through a multitude of thoughts and emotions that protected me from being hurt or vulnerable. My search for significance and attention were replaced with a search for inner peace and purpose. As my old preferences deteriorated, I had to find my true and authentic self. It took years to fully settle into my Big Voice and start hearing what my calling was.

I want to be clear about this journey because it is a difficult one. Your Big Voice is quiet while your Little Voice that leans on your old programming, experiences and society is loud. The draw for you to conform and please or impress others is deep. Becoming fully authentic will piss people off and disappoint them. You cannot take this mission lightly. You need to arm yourself. Not only must you learn how to handle your Little Voice (Thought Management Strategy -TMS) but other people as well. You will be scared and want to turn back to the known. It is okay that you do that over and over but once you feel the call it will always be there moving you forward. You may get lonely and start to question your decision, but you must trust that letting go of your false self will eventually lead to more joy and purpose.

Rise Up!

The world needs you to make the decision to listen to your Big Voice. Society is becoming a scary place. There are so many narcissistic leaders, politicians and CEOs that are damaging our future, planet, and communities. They value big business and profit over what is truly best for everyone. The world needs women to rise up in truth and make a difference now! It needs to hear our Big Voices!

I get that you feel like you can’t handle one more thing or that life is already overwhelming. You may have allowed self-pity and fear to settle into your habitual thoughts BUT you have the power to overtake them and start living an extraordinary life. You can write a new story! You can have it all. You can be a great partner, parent, employee, friend while living an extraordinary life. This requires that you rid yourself of self-suffering so you can experience true joy. If you have hopes and dreams but haven’t acted on them this is your time. Our physical health is dependent on experiencing more love and harmony. Stress and fear are what is depleting you of energy and decreasing our ability to remain physically healthy. Finding your Big Voice doesn’t mean that you need to throw everything away or that your purpose is to save the world…it might just be to demonstrate simple acts of kindness or be a great mom. Everyone’s calling is unique to them.

Big Voices rising together not only will bring us more joy but will have a massive impact on the world. As women, we control the majority of spending which ultimately is the most influential lever we have. Just educating ourselves on companies and products will help. We can start to by buying products from companies that support health and the environment and companies that give women every right to succeed. We also need to support political causes and take action rather than just posting our opinions on social media. We must find and support candidates who are real and authentic. We need and deserve candidates that want to get to the heart of why violence is increasing, our planet is suffering, health is deteriorating, diseases are increasing and why prescription drugs are being handed out so easily.

Let’s Change the World Together

We have become a heavy society weighed down by desires that don’t really bring us joy. Although it’s only been 10 years since the economic downturn people are back to spending money like there is an endless supply. We’ve grown comfortable to sit back with our Little Voices dreaming of making a difference instead of jumping in and taking action. We have distracted ourselves with materialism and pleasure seeking rather than living a purpose driven life.

The Big Voice movement is about changing the world one woman at a time. I am giving my all to growing this movement and providing a platform for letting our Big Voices be heard. I am committed to bringing you wisdom and truth so that you can have all the tools and support you need to find your authentic self.

If you aren’t experiencing joy and hope continuously it is time to find your Big Voice. You can write a new story, be born again, experience more joy and suffer less. The changes you make for yourself will have a domino effect. Let’s unite together to increase our emotional and physical health so that we can stand up for what we really believe in. We are the most powerful force in the world if we unite and then celebrate one another’s Big Voices. It doesn’t matter if our preferences and purposes aren’t always in alignment. As long as we support and respect each other for living our truth we can create significant change.

Let’s find our next President, our next CEOs, our next parent who will be intentional about living their best life, or our next charity that will really make a difference. In the wake of all the personal and public tragedies in 2017 it is time. Make the decision to let your Big Voice start leading. It will require intention, struggle, discipline, and faith. God will help you if you are committed. Let’s rise up together and not suffer alone.

Be vulnerable, speak your truth, and admit life is too short. I look forward to going on this journey with you by providing you weekly wisdom that is designed to help you increase joy, reduce suffering and think differently. Please take the time to check out all the tools we offer on our website and offer any input or stories you have. Our entire purpose is to help you live the best life you can!

Kelly Resendez
Kelly Resendez
EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Loanpal Founder/Speaker/Writer at FTSS and Big Voices

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