When the Student is Ready Will the Teacher Really Appear?

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When the Student is Ready Will the Teacher Really Appear?

If there is anything you can trust on this spiritual journey it is that God and the universe will bring you what you need to grow. Although the quote “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” was thought to have been said by Buddha it is actually of Theosophical origin. This idea that the disciple or student will call to the universe what they need to continue enlightenment has been proven over and over. If you’re religious, it may come through prayer. If you define yourself as spiritual, it may come through your consciousness.

You can apply this core belief to any aspect of your life; once you make a decision that something must shift or change. You need to trust life will unfold for you. For the type-A folks out there this is difficult to do. You want something so you believe you need to be productive in getting it. If you keep showing up with love and patience everything you need to keep growing will continue to present itself.

Examples From My Life

I have had some incredible experiences in my life where this happened. First in December 2003 when I started realizing I was causing my own suffering, I made the decision that food was my vice or defense mechanism when I was insecure or discontent. I started to research the best health options and stumbled onto the China study. We had healthy friends over for dinner and my friend Jeff recommended it. I quickly read the book and my jaw dropped. It exposed how diet correlated so deeply to disease. Since my mom had been recently diagnosed with dementia, I wanted to do everything I could to not end up that way.

I hadn’t made the changes the book recommended when I got one of the greatest gifts of my life. We had family and friends coming in for the New Year to our beach house. My sister-in-law invited her friend Bonnie and boyfriend Scott who was working for Tony Robbins on his resort in Fiji. I went to Costco and loaded the cart with processed food and alcohol. We were having a great time eating and drinking when they arrived. They were both glowing and declined everything we offered to them. They were vegan and training for an Iron Man competition. I also discovered Scott ran the wellness program for Tony and was super-educated on nutrition and fitness. There was a storm so we were trapped in a house with them for what seemed like forever. I spent a lot of time listening to Scott and Bonnie talk about the quality of food and health benefits of exercise. I had an awakening that weekend that my body had never been important to me. I only wanted to be skinny because of how others would see my body. Wow! This changed everything. I had not been loving myself or body so it was no wonder I was overweight and miserable. I went home from the trip and watched every food and health documentary and slowly started cutting things out. I also threw my scale away and my new measurement became energy and feeling rather than some number. I am now a pescatarine (no meat, but fish) who only eats organic and whole foods. I also have been fit since 2005 without having to dedicate thought or motivation to it. Once it became a part of my self-love and care plan I was able to prioritize it.

I have many other examples where the teacher appeared for me but the biggest came in the form of a situation. After reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and seeing him in LA, I thought I was good on letting go of materialism. Then weeks later my home burned down before my eyes. It was a 6,000 sq. ft. home that just moments before had been filled with 125 of my closest friends for a Holiday Party. In a nanosecond when I realized everyone was safe and surrounding me with love, I fully felt what it was to let go of my possessions. Over the next few weeks. I also learned how to let others help me, not because I needed it, but they needed to.

My most current teacher was brought into my life by a like-minded friend. He knew I wanted to connect more with people passionate about growth and he led me to connect with Rock Thomas. Although I had heard and watched his work in the past, I wasn’t in close proximity to him. Now I get to spend time with him weekly. His most recent lesson was on saying YES and that once you do things will fall into place. He urged us not to listen to our brain because it is designed to assess risks and may be too cautious. I needed this because one of my limiting beliefs lately was that I was taking on too much. In reality it was only my thoughts about taking on stuff that was the issue. I have now committed to saying YES to anything that is a priority in my life even if it means it will be hard. I am excited to see what else he will teach me!

Remaining Open

I hope you remain open to the infinite amount of wisdom and possibility found in the teachers or situations you encounter. All you need to do is make the decision and ask God for help. He will do the rest. If you get in fear or worry it doesn’t work as well. Go back and review every person or situation that impacted you and you will see this has been happening all along. Now relax knowing everything will unfold for you.

Kelly Resendez
Kelly Resendez
EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Loanpal Founder/Speaker/Writer at FTSS and Big Voices

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