Kelly Resendez appears as a guest on The Mark Haney Show podcast.

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Kelly Resendez appears as a guest on The Mark Haney Show podcast.

I wanted to share a recent podcast interview where Kelly Resendez was a guest on the Mark Haney Show, speaking about creating a life of abundance.

You can watch the interview on YouTube.

The Mark Haney Show is the business leadership platform focused on igniting the entrepreneurial revolution in Sacramento. Since its debut in 2015, it’s garnered widespread acclaim, attracting some of Northern California’s most notable billionaires, millionaires, and start-up founders as guests.

(Find out more about The Mark Haney Show.)

In this fun, personal, and interactive nearly-one-hour podcast, we spoke about many topics, including the benefits of joining masterminds – small groups that help you “advance the ball” in business and life, as Mark put it.

Basically, mastermind groups put you in a position to win by surrounding you with the right people. The people in your circle that you interact with are a huge part of where you’ll end up in life; as Tony Robbins says, “Proximity is power!”

Kelly Resendez has long been an advocate and big believer in the power of mastermind groups to transform your life, and she now actively participates in two such groups.

One is M-10 with Rock Thomas, a “tribe of whole-life millionaires who don’t apologize for leading epic lives,” where this group of men and women level-up their network, net worth, and life.

(Find out more about M-10.)

The other mastermind is GoBundance, an exclusive gathering (there are only about 100 members or so across the country now) with separate men’s and women’s divisions. Within the women’s mastermind, GoBundance is a “unique gathering of badass, successful and heart-centered women. This is a place to learn, grow and play together as we celebrate each other’s successes, catch blind spots, challenge and support each other.”

(Find out more about GoBundance.)

Whether you’re interested in M-10, GoBundance, or another mastermind group, there are some inherent advantages to membership and participation that Kelly points out.

Benefits to joining a mastermind group:

  1. Gain a new perspective.
  2. Accountability. (This is a big one!)
  3. Break the isolation and solitude that comes with being an entrepreneur.
  4. THING BIGGER! Rise to a new level…
  5. And therefore, be equipped to SERVE on a new level!
  6. Wonderful relationships and even friendships.
  7. Trusted advisors to bounce ideas off of.
  8. Access to experts in different fields.
  9. Clarify your vision and make sure your intentions are in alignment.
  10. Be with people who give you permission to feel joy!

Kelly also shared with Mark her huge awakening in 2004, when she realized that there was more to life than just achieving and success. She made the conscious shift to living an existence filled with more mindfulness, joy, and balance.

Now, aside from her role as an executive at GoodLeap, she’s a writer and speaker, guiding others through the same process of how to reduce self-suffering and live a more joyful, positive life – her way of giving back.

A few notable quotes from this podcast interview between Mark Haney and Kelly Resendez:

“It’s about creating a life success plan, not just a business success plan.”

“Success is worthless without joy and celebration.”

“Balance joy and celebration while continuing to create new desires.”

“I want to feel alive and vibrant and radiant every day. I want to live an inspired life and help others do the same.”

“Inspiration comes from challenge, from growth, from new and exciting things – creating intentional adventure.”

“Become a self-care master.”

“Life is very simple…if you don’t judge other people and you stay focused on what you desire, you’ll get whatever you want.

It’s when we judge and when we focus on what’s not working when we get off track and end up attracting more of that”

“Dedicate more time to creating the right mindset.”

“Challenge the beliefs; challenge the standards you’ve set for yourself.”

“We are the creators of our own reality by the steps we take every day.

I welcome you to listen to this podcast with Kelly Resendez, check out M-10 with Rock Thomas or GoBundance mastermind groups, and get in touch with Kelly Resendez.

You can experience her vision and even enlist her help to change your life at or

And if you’d like Kelly to be a guest on your podcast or speak at your corporate event or seminar, you can contact her here.

From The Mark Haney podcast show notes:

Kelly Resendez, EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development at GoodLeap, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author, shares a little about her philosophies on life, parenting, and professional success with a notable focus on cultivating an abundance mindset and putting the right people in your life. 

She talks specifically about how Masterminds, which offer a curated peer group experience, can fuel personal and professional growth by providing a level of accountability, unique learning experiences, and a forum to develop deep and meaningful relationships. 

Tune in for this engaging and inspiring discussion that speaks to all areas of our lives.

Kelly Resendez
Kelly Resendez
EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Loanpal Founder/Speaker/Writer at FTSS and Big Voices

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